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by Kippi Clausen

What is Elementivity?

Reaching peak productivity requires you to be more deliberate about how you orient to life and manage your time.

Through my unique system known as Elementivity, attendees will first be presented with a fun, self-scoring personality assessment. We will then explore what each elemental connection means to your personal and business interactions, and how each specific personality may be leveraged to improve performance and productivity.

The four elements can be regarded as four basic principles that guide life and groups. Each of the elements convey power and influence in a unique way. A focus on the elements can be beneficial when addressing a challenge, setting a goal, or charting the course for your future. By understanding each of the elements you will be able to better evaluate your individual strengths and weaknesses, giving you a compass to guide you throughout your life.

Explore the Elements


Informed use of power

Skills include:


Speaking to the unspeakable

See feedback as food

Ideas and imagination


Conscious Use of Power

Skills include:



Fast paced

Working outside the lines


Caring Use of Power

Skills include:

Staying connected

“Gut thinkers”

Deep thinkers

Silent awareness


Skillful use of Power

Skills include:



Structure and timelines

“Show up and get it done”

Which element are you most closely aligned with?

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I worked with Kippi on an elemental coaching process. It was profound. I walked away with practical ways to use the elements in me more productively.

I had questions about my career and challenges at work but with Kippi’s coaching I was able to understand how old stories and patterns were blocking me from the opportunities that were within my reach.

I want to thank Kippi her coaching she did for me. She helped me see new things about myself and helped find new ways to work with others and create strategies that I can use.


Unlock your elemental power and reach new peaks of productivity

Whether you are or looking 1-on-1 coaching, an interesting breakout session for your conference, or a keynote speaker for your event, I have a package to meet your needs. Please get in touch!

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I offer exciting and engaging workshops for groups of employees or as a conference breakout session.

1-on-1 Coaching

I provide executive coaching for those who wish to explore their personalities and improve the effectiveness of their use of power. Whether you are looking to take your career to the next level, or are facing changes at work or home, I will guide you through the process of using your elements.

Speaking Engagements

I provide engaging, educational, and fun keynote speeches to groups of all sizes. I’m well known in the speaking world for my creative approaches to a very serious subject. Everyone will leave my talks with a better understanding of their personality, and how to use their power in the most productive manner.

Hi, I’m Kippi Clausen.

I help individuals, organizations and partners understand power, how to use it in healthy ways, and address past issues around power dynamics that have hindered productivity and positive organizational culture.  My goal is to build a culture of positive power and influence that increases the ability for individuals and groups to make and navigate change with potency. 

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