Coaching Packages

Take yourself and your team to the next level! Coaching is nothing short of a life-changing venture. I am your guide but the territory is all yours. 

My goal will be to introduce you to different ways of thinking, focused on:

  • discovering strengths,
  • assessing habitual patterns, and
  • setting a course of action aimed at achieving desired results.

Through my coaching packages you will discover what you really want, embrace who you really are, and find ways to get to the future you desire.

I am an experienced coach with a strong background in proven methods. My approach is to help you IN-vision™ your desired outcomes, allowing you to:

  • overcome obstacles,
  • change habits,
  • build trust, and
  • establish a sustainable work–life balance

with a focus on increasing your resiliency and reducing stress and burnout.

I will make extensive use of assessments as we explore your goals, current patterns, and emerging opportunities, as we create an action plan to achieve measurable results. My approach is flexible and personalized. As we work together, I will remain results-focused and devoted to helping you discover your full potential. 

For Individuals and executives I conduct sessions in person, via video conference call or over the phone.
For teams, coaching generally involves a team and individual assessment, group sessions.