Speaking and Workshops

I speak to audiences and motivate them to embrace change and take the leap towards well-being. I inspire individuals to find the opportunity in each moment. I motivate young leaders to challenge the status quo around hardships and systems involvement and take action towards creating a positive world. I speak with people about how to create balance through the elements and work more collaboratively. I facilitate human service professionals’ understanding of how to work compassionately with families and children from all backgrounds. I teach best practices in trauma informed youth development. I have spoken across the country about creating work-life balance.

Every time I speak, my intention is to leave audiences feeling inspired to reflect and believe that change and transformation is possible.

My inspirational presentations include meaningful stories, humor, real-world examples, research, and realistic take-aways. I am often described as full of energy that is “refreshing.” I love to motivate and breathe wholeness into the ways we relate to our community, our world and most importantly ourselves.

Speech Offerings

Usual run-time: 1.5 – 2 hours

Reaching your Potential

Magic and meaning can be found in every life story. No matter where you are there is always something new to discover. In this talk I will introduce my exclusive Elementivity system. You will explore the unique makeup of your personality and the ways in which it drives your relationships with others. Participants will leave the talk excited to head out into the unknown, taking wonder in one hand and fear in the other, making the most of every opportunity and becoming their best self.

Power Confident: A User’s guide

What could be more important for our future well-being than to take conscious and skillful ownership or our power? Gaining an understanding of power—in particular, the connection between a healthy sense of personal power and a positive use of power, is one of the most profound and important challenges we face in our life and in our personal growth. When we become power confident we have an understanding of the right use of power. We are better able to understand the impact and the role it plays in our lives. Join me on a journey to understand how to use power with ethics, heart and soul!

The Five Friends of Group Development

Family. Work. Worship. Play. So much of life happens in groups. But often it is within groups that we have experienced our greatest hurt. We arrive in groups just as we enter life – alone. Being an effective leader includes developing an environment in which members feel included and appreciated. In this talk I will present the five friends of group development- a simple framework for developing a group dynamic that recognizes each member as unique and important to the whole. You will learn to use your power and leadership towards ensuring that the group is supportive, uplifting, and productive.

Compassion Satisfaction: Beating Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

Does your job call on you to care for others more than you care for yourself? “Compassion Fatigue” can lead to increased cynicism and reduce your levels of satisfaction both at work and in your home life. Burnout and compassion fatigue can happen to anyone – even in the best of work environments. Building resilience and developing strategies to foster a sense of hope and optimism about the future is key. In this talk, I will provide you with the tools for self care as well as concrete steps to help you improve your job satisfaction.

Group Genius: Overcoming the Fear and Stress of Collaboration

Have you ever left a meeting and asked yourself, “Are we ever going to get anything done? Will we ever be able to bring about change?” More than ever, businesses and organizations are abandoning individual agendas in favor of a collective approach to improving outcomes and employee morale. However, navigating the complexities of varying leadership and communication styles often causes us to miss out on “Group Genius.”

In this talk, you will learn the ways in which stress and fear impact your ability to effectively collaborate and why you and your colleagues always seem to find yourselves stuck. Together, will will focus on building skills to boost your confidence, overcome the sticking points, and give you the tools to unleash the power of true collaboration.

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Learning Lab Workshops

Learning Lab: Patterns of Relationships

How do you manage to manage when you are a water trying to manage a room full of fires? Can you (an earth) and your assistant (also an earth) ever live up to the expectations set out by your boss (an air)? In this fun and high-energy assessment you will find yourself up out of your seat, having fun and gaining a new understanding of your personality. I will introduce you to my exclusive Elementivity method

Learning Lab: Building Resilience

Has the modern world left you feeling chewed up and wrung out? Long hours, a lack of time off, and the constant push for productivity often leave employees feeling they are being pushed beyond their limits. Without proper supports and tools to deal with the stress, you will quickly find yourself unhappy, unproductive, and facing the real possibility of a burnout. In this learning lab, I will help you develop the skills you need to build your resiliency. You will learn new techniques for responding to stress and adversity. Techniques designed to help you reach your goals and improve your relationships. When you put these skills into practice, you will begin to feel more self-assured, positive, and, most importantly, able to thrive in a fast-paced, demanding environment, without sacrificing your happiness. This workshop includes a Whole Life Profile

Learning Lab: The Power of the Paradox

Are you frank, but also diplomatic? Intuitive, but also analytical? Life is rich with paradoxes. As we go through life, we inevitably struggle to balance our various personality traits. This is especially profound when we possess two traits that are seemingly at odds with one another. However, with proper understanding and practice you can combine these paradoxical traits to your advantage. This learning lab will help you assess, manage, and become comfortable with your own behavioral paradoxes, opening the door to personal growth. This workshop includes a Harrison Assessment Paradox Assessment.

Learning Lab: Becoming Power Confident

Prepare yourself to innovate, create, and harness your full potential! Power lies at the heart of leadership, but using your power correctly is not easy. Becoming Power Confident means that you are able to use your power effectively and purposefully in your life, work, and community. Participants in this personal and professional development workshop will gain a deeper understanding of their own power story and learn to take lessons from it to improve their life, career, and relationships. This workshop includes a Power Intelligence Assessment.