Here’s to a Decade of Resiliency and Productive Simplicity!

By February 10, 2020Resilience

What an exciting time! As we start this new decade, I wanted to share with you what I will be working towards this year and the path I am setting for the future. 

Much has changed for me in the past 10 years. In 2010, I was transitioning from a fast-paced, non-profit job and working towards additional credentialing to get myself ready for what I imagined was to be my new perfect career.  Oh, and beyond that, I was taking an abundance of preparatory courses, raising five children as a single mother, changing my relationship status, and taking care of aging parents. But throughout the struggles, challenges and triumphs of this memorable decade I learned an important lesson. More was not necessarily more. My ability to juggle an ever-growing number of tasks and responsibilities, burdens and limitations, was not actually helping me achieve my goals, nor was it making me happy. I learned that my value should not be measured by how much is on my plate.

The driving factor that has helped me to transition beyond these unproductive ways of thinking was to embrace the concept of resiliency. To not let myself get lost in moments from my past. To live life through the lens of resiliency is to avoid setting limitations based on old stories, life’s hiccups, or habits stemming from wounds of the past. When you are resilient, you are able to build yourself up to be even stronger, to get past these wounds, and to focus on your goals. To take action every day and to trust your journey.

So what path do I plan to follow this year? I am proud to announce the launch of my new Resiliency training program through my Elementivity platform. Nothing is more rewarding to me than helping others to get past the wounds of their past and establishing a focus on achieving productive simplicity! I look forward to helping each of you declutter your life from the baggage of the past and allow your journey to take you where you want to go.

Stay tuned over the upcoming weeks and months, as I will be sharing additional details on where you can attend my training sessions, as well as information on my exciting new coaching packages!

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