What’s your next chapter? Planning for the future in uncertain times

By August 12, 2020Resilience

“What have you learned about yourself during this time?”

Have you been asked this question over the last few months? 

I’ve seen it quite a few times myself, and I’m wondering if we should be asking: What story are you telling yourself to create comfort with the unknown?

As we make our way through yet another month of uncertainty amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we have begun to adapt to new routines. As we continue to adapt to new normals, it is critical to remind yourself that you can still move forward in your life. You can still make and meet new goals head-on and carve your path toward your next great chapter.

Reflect on the Past to Help Determine Your Future

Our brain and psyche use this gathered material through an automatic process to organize and create meaning in our world. Each experience you have becomes how you see your world and tell your life story. Your past experiences make up the data stored in your memory. And this wealth of experience influences your actions, how you see the world, and ultimately how and why you make certain decisions.

My first piece of advice in charting your next journey is to take time to reflect on your past experiences. Ask yourself what your likes and dislikes are when trying to determine your next career move, starting a new business, or changing something in your personal life.

Take It One Day at a Time

Yes, we are all learning new ways of adapting and working in these unprecedented times. Our brain is actually quite amazing in how it takes in information. You may think you realize everything swirling around you and your family right now. However, our senses and brain are a powerful combination. 

My advice is simple: In these crazy times, take everything one day at a time.

I said simple, not easy. Using your thoughts and experiences help you take your next step forward. 

Elementivity: What Element Are You Aligned With?

Understanding which element you are most aligned with  is where you can start to take steps in the right direction according to your strengths and preferences. The free assessment I offer gives you a good bit of insight to help you reach your goals. Do you know if you’re water, air, fire, or earth?


Water is the place for relationships, compassion, and emotion. Being highly-intuitive and emotionally-intelligent, you can sense what people around you are thinking and feeling. Do you ever feel the world and take on the emotions of those around you? Without healthy boundaries, water people can drown in the emotions of the world around them. Do you ever feel drained after being around people? Without taking time to recharge it can be difficult to keep your energy flowing and your mind clear.



Air is everywhere and all-consuming. It moves without boundaries and can go into the smallest cracks and crevasses. It’s not much different if you’re an air person. Air propels you to communicate, network, and express yourself. When the element of air is most active, it urges you to be extremely curious and nudges you to use your mind critically.




Fire people are filled with energy. And when fire is hot, it is honest, righteous, and passionate about truth. Fire can also smolder. Do you ever find yourself sitting back waiting until you gain enough energy to go head first into life’s next adventure? Without energy you might find it hard to focus, be creative or achieve the change you are working on. When energy is flowing, fire can help you keep a clear mind and have the fortitude to see things with a new light.



Earth gets down to business. When it comes to bringing balance and stability into your world, every sensible Earth person knows that it is a simple equation:  1. Taking an active approach to the doing, 2. Maintaining a positive outlook, and 3. Finding time to just be.  Structure, planning, and timelines allow Earth to take a well-deserved deep sigh of relief.


What’s Your Next Chapter: Final Thoughts

And there you have it — there are a few things you should consider when planning your next move. With the uncertainty in our world today, you need to be smart and think carefully about your decisions. Practicing these three, simple steps will also help you focus on the things that matter in your life at a time it’s needed the most.

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