3 Activities to Inspire Creativity

By December 3, 2020Creativity

Are you finding it hard to feel inspired now?  

When the stay-at-home orders started in March, I leaned hard into my go-to Earth element and immediately created my checklist of all of the exciting and ambitious things I would be able to accomplish. 

Surely now that I have the time to do things like write that next book or learn how to bake bread from scratch, I’ll actually do them. Right? 

Fast forward to now and my list is still there with very few items checked off. Creating lists can help us feel in control in an uncontrollable situation. But a list doesn’t actually accomplish anything unless you’re working on it. However, the action of creating a list can help you cope with the constant changes in today’s world.

Inspiration based on Your Element

In-spi-ra-tion (verb)

Definition: The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Inspiration comes in many forms and can vary depending on your most dominant element. When I created — and didn’t complete — my list, I was responding to stress and the need for control in my life. I wasn’t driven by passion or desire to learn, even though those are both things I desire greatly right now.

No matter how burnt out or stressed you might feel, taking time to find something that inspires you is a great way to practice self-care. I like to remind my clients that when they get creative the inspiration that comes is the place where magic happens. Creativity gives us an opportunity to remind ourselves of the simple joy that is all around us even in challenging times.

So let’s take on some activities to help us through this difficult time in our lives. To help spark your creativity, I’ve compiled another list. But this time, the list is full of things for you to complete and check-off the list.

Here are three activities to help inspire your creativity:

Activity #1: Write down your dreams

Inspiration often starts with a dream. And when a dream becomes a vision for the future, it gains power and momentum. For some, it is easy to identify and dream about what gives them joy. For others, dreaming about the joy of life might seem like something that was left behind in childhood.

So take a minute to write down any dreams you have. Start to visualize them as possibilities and goals. 

Activity #2: Play house

Do you remember playing make-believe or house as a kid? 

Oh, I remember the countless hours I played dress up in my playhouse with friends. When I was five, it was so easy for me to tell anyone what I was going to be when I grew up, how I was going to change the world, and what my community and family looked like. Most importantly my mind was able to see the joy. So spark creativity with things that bring you joy: Take up hiking, gardening, watercolor painting, or a new exercise routine.

This activity is to try things you haven’t done before.

Activity #3: Make a dream board

It can help you feel more in control of your life to write a list. And as we’re all struggling with what on Earth to do at different times, you can have a list of what to do when the thought crosses your mind.

This activity is to identify things you haven’t done before. By exploring outside of your comfort zone, you can ignite some creativity and fire. 

To be better at being inspired, you need to learn how you get inspired and what inspires you at first. Take note of the qualities and experiences that bring you joy, passion and warm your heart. If you’re game, create something that reminds you of what inspires you. This can be pictures, words, or even objects.   Place the collage somewhere that you can easily see it each day. 

For organizations I have worked we have created inspiration cards that staff proudly hang in their workspace. Remind themselves daily and those they work with what brings them meaning and that there happy place that reduces stress is always present. For organizations and clients, I am now helping them build virtual dream boards, as they continue working remotely.

Video: Inspire your creativity with a dream board 

Next Steps

You got this! Take a moment to thank your earth, air, and water energies for their help getting you this far and pull out your creative fire energy. We have been using water (the place of emotion) and air (the place of information) and earth (the place of doing what we need) far too much. The past months have been challenging but not using all of our elemental makeup is like driving a car with one flat tire. We’re drained, and we need to fill our cups back up with things that take care of us.

It’s time to amp-up the feeling of aw, the excitement of what is next and start to:

“Release . . . Expand . . . Explore”

Inspiring Creativity: Final Thoughts

  • Inspiration is the driving force behind creativity. To do something creative, there needs to be a desire to learn something new or express yourself. Even though it can be difficult to do this in current times, use the three activities listed in this blog to guide you in your quest for creativity and fulfillment.
  • Visualizing your inspiration with a dream board or written list can help you visualize your future self. That can ignite your imagination and spring you into action.